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I've never been to Yahoo Answers (Read 1427 times)
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I've never been to Yahoo Answers
May 16th, 2008 at 10:39am
I've never been to Yahoo Answers but I had an unpleasant experience at blogspot. I made my very first blog then later when I went back to it they slapped a page on it to tell the world I was under review for possible terms of use violations. No explanation, no notice, nothing. I made a second blog with the same log on and they let that one though. Much later they had a link on the second blog that said they have a robot to sniff out offending sites but they don't review them unless requested. I requested and they unblocked the site. After, of course, telling the world I was a bad person for nearly 2 months.

Go figure eh? Censorship never works. Censorship without a human mind behind it is.. well, for a commercial site, it's suicide.

I still have no explanation or apology from them for embarrassing me.

Here's the blog. You figure out what they didn't like. You won't find it at blogspot. It's not there any more. It seems that Yahoo and blogspot (aka: blogger.com, aka: google) is slowly committing commercial suicide.

"Yesterday we had an event. It wasn't a very big event but it was big enough. Management came in to conduct a 401k meeting. Our new HR gal is supose to arrange everything but I ended up doing the running around and collecting people while our HR gal sad on her butt and chatted with the management people. After the employee's left the meeting she also left and went back to her office, leaving the management people to collect their things. I helped them do that and then said good bye to them. I don't think this new HR gal is going to make very many points in the world of business.

I was wondering how I could help her gain authority so she can get the people up to meetings just on her word alone. Then I thought, "Screw it". She can sink or swim on her own and it doesn't look too good so far. The reason I'm thinking this way is because I have asked her only a couple times for something. Both times it's taken her days to even respond and that was only when I went back and asked again. I've helped her so much already, including doing the running around yesterday and yet I've received nothing in return. She can figure out how to get her own authority. It's taken me years to get where I can call someone on the phone and say "You need to attend this meeting right now", hang up and the person is there in a couple minutes. I even went to a manager and did the same thing. Yet this gal barely says thank you for getting the people to the meeting, bails out before her "guests" have even left, and blows me off when I request something for my work.

I think what's really eating me about this is that she was rude. She went back to her office without saying good bye to her guests.

I really hate rudeness!"
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Re: I've never been to Yahoo Answers
Reply #1 - Oct 6th, 2009 at 7:56pm
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